The Lost History of the Ancient Olympic Games

The CHARIOT OF KNOWLEDGE currently published in English is seeking an International Publisher for Portuguese translation and exposure to the 250 Million speakers of this popular romance language.  Even more than the English version this Portuguese translation will further educate these newfound readers into their amazing ‘Celtic-connections’. From their most mysterious ‘Lusitanian-heritage’ of the fundamental festivals of fado, fandango and faena with their ‘ancient Celtic connections’ to theintricate celebrations of the Samhain, Imbolc, Beltane & Lughnasa four annual Celtic seasons.

We will work with our publisher making applicable Celtic story-line modifications for the German (Tuetonic), Spanish (Galecia), French (Gauls), Dutch (Batavia) along with Switzerland (Helvetic) translations.  Publisher willing we will continue with more translations & marketing process - attempting to attract the potential European mass population of almost one billion – all of whom are‘connected’.

The Modern Olympic Games will ‘see’ Tokyo 20-20‘technological advanced vision’ with their launch of our CHARIOT OF KNOWLEDGE, Japanese translation. This being the introduction to the “Eurasian-Celtic-Connections” with almost five billion potential fans consisting of the people populating the land lying between Europe and Asia proper; namely, those made up of Western and Central Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, part of Caucasus, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, and Kyrgyzstan – all of whom will be equally stimulated with the exposure to their currently hidden knowledge of the lost history of the;


About the authors

Sandra Rato and her father Ivo Rato worked together in the research and writing of Chariot of Knowledge: The Lost History of the Ancient Olympic Games.

Their investigation of the Ancient Olympics’ secret history is grounded in their Lusitanian (Portuguese Celtic) heritage, and was refined through Sandra’s studies while attaining a Double Degree in archaeology and anthropology at La Trobe University.





Cristiano Ronaldo gives aid to support his native Madeira after devastating wildfires hit Portuguese islands

Real Madrid star writes heartfelt post expressing his support

by James Riding 11th August 2016, 10:59 am (THE SUN UK)

CRISTIANO Ronaldo has offered financial support to his native Madeira following devastating wildfires which have killed at least four people and led to mass evacuations.

The Real Madrid striker made the offer during a phone call to the president of the Portuguese islands, Miguel Albuquerque.

Reports in Portugal didn’t say how much he had offered.

Solidarity: After offering financial support to his native Madeira, Ronaldo expressed his sadness in apost on Facebook

After yesterday’s conversation Ronaldo posted a message on his Facebook page revealing his pain over the destruction caused by fires in the islands of Madeira and other parts of Portugal, especially the north.

The Euro 2016 winner said: “It is with an aching heart that I’m seeing what’s happening in Madeira and other parts of the country.

“My support goes out with a thank you to all those firefighters who are bravely risking their lives to save so many others. I am with you.”

Firefighters battle a fire that reached the old center of Funchal, the capital of Portugal’s Madeira island

Swathes of countryside have been destroyed and the city of Funchal is in flames

The fires have been widespread and destructive. Over 40 homes have been destroyed, major motorways have been shut and many small villages in the north of Portugal been evacuated.

The Portuguese interior ministry has requested help from the European Union. Spain sent two planes and Italy sent one aircraft to aid with the fire-fighting efforts.

The British Embassy in Portugal also announced yesterday that it was sending two consular officials from Lisbon to assist British tourists caught up in the disaster. They flew to the island yesterday evening.

The destruction in Madeira has been widespread and all-encompassing

Madeira is not the only place hit by recent fires – another blaze was spotted ravaging southern France on its way to Marseille

On Tuesday night British tourists were among guests forced to sleep in a sports centre in the capital Funchal after being evacuated from the four-star Castanheiro Boutique Hotel.

Holidaymakers staying at the five-star Choupana Hills Resort and Spa had to be relocated to other hotels after it was destroyed by flames.

The dead and injured are almost all locals, with no reports of any British casualties.



Conor McGregor believes Cristiano Ronaldo has signed a new bumper Real Madrid contract


Ronaldo has been made to wait for a new contract but it appears that his wish has been granted and he could have the deal announced this month.

UFC poster boy Conor McGregor has revealed that his friend Cristiano Ronaldo has signed a new contract with Real Madrid.

The Irish superstar admitted in a recent interview that he will find it hard to knock Ronaldo off the top of the Forbes money list because of a new deal.

Ronaldo's future at the Bernabeu has been under scrutiny in recent weeks as he enters the final two years of his contract.

Now 31, Ronaldo's future could have been away from La Liga - but he appears to have landed the new deal that he craved.

McGregor and Ronaldo recently met up in California

McGregor and Ronaldo recently met up in California

The pair squared off in the Octagon - but didn't actually fight

Last season, it is alleged that the Portuguese ace pleaded with Real Madrid bosses to extend his stay at the club.

And it appears that he might have had a his wish granted.

McGregor, who recently met up with Ronaldo in California, appears to have let slip that Ronaldo has put pen to paper on a new deal to keep him in Spain.

When the Notorious was asked if he could beat Ronaldo to the summit of the sportsman's earnings list, he admitted: “That’ll be tough.

Ronaldo has recently returned to training with Real Madrid

He is working to get fit for the start of the La Liga season

“He’s just signed a new contract with Real Madrid but we’ll see, maybe next year I’ll have him.”

News of a new deal could be announced by Real before the end of this month.

Ronaldo is unlikely to be involved in the international break at the end of the month, where Portugal are set to play against Gibraltar.

As a result, Real are reportedly planning a new contract celebration during that period for Ronaldo in front of his fans.


Lisbon radio are playing the singles off Ivan Rato's ‘Voz da Lusitania’ fado album day and night celebrating the Portuguese EUROPEAN CUP WIN. 

Emilia sings the “Davida ceu – Christano Ronaldo” you can check several of these Portuguese heartfelt songs (She does sing ‘fado’ so I hope you speak the language) you can check them out on the flag of: